AnimationBlueprint / AimOffset => Weired Position

Hey Guys,

I’m trying to create a new Skeleton, Mesh, Animations for the DodoRex, which at least seemed to work until I created the AnimBlueprint.

What I did

  • Copied the Skeleton and Mesh of the DodoRex
  • Assigned the copied Skeleton to the Mesh.
  • Exported every original Animation of the DodoRex
  • Opened my copied Mesh and imported all previous exported Animations
  • Compared original and new Animations and added missing Options to my new Animations (not all Options are getting exported)
  • Created missing Montage and Blend Spaces (they can’t be imported again) like they were in the original Animations
  • Created new AnimBlueprint (right-click on my copied Mesh or Skeleton)
  • Changed Parent Class of my new AnimBlueprint to “Dino Blueprint Base Root Bone Name”
  • Compared Options of original and new AnimBlueprint and changed them to equal each other

Now the Problem:
After selecting “Use Aim Offset” in the AnimBlueprint I get a weired Dino or Bone position.
Please have a look at the Pictures.

Some Ideas what is wrong?

Thanks in Advance.




Resolved it by following steps 2.0 - 2.3 from this guide: