Hi guys, what do you think about this? It’s rendered in Unreal Engine.

Video is down.

I updated the video link



Yea, this is a new error. I will come back when its fixed.

It’s fixed, you can acces the link now.

Gosh, I adore anime, but I just feel any 3D attempt at anime just never gives the utter beauty of it justice. I think you could put cell shading on it too thought to maybe help. Aside from that it looks good! :slight_smile:

I wanted to make it look real, not like an anime. The trees on the background didn’t rendered, don’t know why, and there are other flaws but I wanted to make it fast. The idea of the video is that adults don’t watch anime because they think these are made for kids so I wanted to make something to look real, maybe they would watch it.