Animation works on character input, but not from event call

I’m creating a FPS and am running into an odd issue that I cannot figure out. The weapon can be reloaded in two ways; one when the weapon runs out of ammo, and the other when the player hits the R key. The problem is, the animation only works when the player hits the R key.

The main event to give ammo is in the WeaponBP which sets a variable isReloading in the CharacterBP to true. When isReloading is set to true, and event is called to play the animation and play sounds.

There is a print string that is placed after the animation and the string is printed using both reloading methods, and the sounds are played with both methods. I find it weird that since its being entered both times, that the animation would only play when the player hits R. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated thanks!

alt text