Animation working in preview but not in game

Hi, I just started using ue4 and I’m currently figuring out how to fix the problem.

My problem is that my animation is working in preview, but not in game. Speed value and direction value work when changing them, but when I play game, animation doesn’t work. Help?

Hi! Can you share some more details? What BP and what nodes are used?

Hi! Here’s screen shot of Animation Blueprint, my blend space, my local motion, and transition rule. I hope it helps!

This is blendspace

This is Local motion.

Finally, these are Transition rules.

Ok, I see. Create third person template project and check Anim BP for it. I think that Blend Space asset can solve your problem…

Hi! I found a solution! So I was putting my right run to 180 and left run to -180 when It should be back walk. and I was putting my back walk to -500 on my speed, so set speed to 0 to 500 and not -500 to 500. and put my right run to 90 and left run to -90.