Animation wont play

want one animation to play only when a key is pressed I already have the animation fbx imported and setup the input in project settings I’m not looking to blend animations because it is only one animation and it is a character with skeletalmesh any help will be greatly appreciated

Hi man, let me know if:

Going in the animation editor, you can see the animation properly working on your mesh?

Can you set up the actor/blueprint’s mesh starting animation in the editor and see the animation work at the first?

Are you sure that the event is fired?

thanks for your response are you talking about the animation blueprint?

Create an actor and give him the skeletal mesh with the animation.
double clicking on the actor, it will open the blueprint, go in the viewport and select the skeletale mesh of your actor, that shoul have the animation.
once selected, look at the panel on the right, the detail panel.
Look for the Animation tab.
and select the animation mode to , use animation asset.
anim to play, select your compatible animation.
Set the animation loop and playing to true
Try to move the initial position value. This should animate your actor .
Then try also to drop you actor in the scene.
Try play the game, the actor should start immediately to move endless cause of the loop.
Can you see the animation?

yes I have already done that I just want the animation to only play when I press a key or move a certain direction.

hehe, why are you answering your own question?

All you have to do is play the animation on the skeletal mesh. Make sure it’s the right skeletal mesh. And it has an animation blueprint. Good luck!