Animation with Modular Character

Hello, I’m Luca and I follow the official guide for using a modular character.
I created a Character Blueprint end inserted all the skeletal mesh components of my Skeleton characte (16 pieces!)
I used Set Master Pose Component on Construction Script to connect all Meshes on main Mesh (spine).

The problem is on Animations, because only meshes directly connected on master are moving, the other remains on base position. Here an example of the result while running

Can you help me?

I dont understand the question - can you explain the issue more?

Feel free to ask in italian if that helps.

Meshes will move along provided 2 things:

  1. they all have the same skeleton.
  2. they are connected to the master pose component.

You can actually remove the animation blueprint by manually setting it to None on all components except the master (mesh in your case).