Animation with cinematic sequence device causes high ping

We have about a 4 minute 12 fps animation in uefn. The animation itself works fine, but when you trigger the animation in game, our ping skyrockets to the hundreds and its super laggy. Is there a reason for this? Is the animation too long for fortnite to handle? Are there maybe too many keyframes in the animation? Or is the device just bugged…


I am wondering the same. mine are much shorter than 4 minutes but 1 does loop continuously and then boom from 30 ping to 120-300 ping.

We found a solution for it. In the mesh that’s being animated, turn off “Can Ever Affect Navigation” and “Use Auto Navmesh Flags.” This should remove the lag. We also had an issue where the mesh would disappear randomly, while keeping its collisions. If you encounter this too, turn “Spatially Loaded” off. Hope this helps


Excellent! thank you so much for the info, I will definitely be giving it a go on a couple maps that could use some upgrades.

it works like a charm for mesh’s, however it also occurs when animating some fortnite props. e.g. I’m using a cube fragment and making it rotate whilst looping the cinematic with the cinematic sequence device and the lag (glitching) instantly kicks in whilst it’s animating. any ideas let me know :slight_smile: (spatially loading it [both on and off] seems to do nothing)

Hmm, yeah turning off spatially loaded doesn’t do anything for lag. Just another setting i recommended turning off because we noticed the mesh would vanish at a certain point. So you can’t turn off “Can Ever Affect Navigation” or “Use Auto Navmesh Flags?”

I see that you can’t turn off Auto Navmesh flags. The most important thing is turning off “can ever affect navigation” which you can do with fortnite props. Auto navmesh flags would revert your changes when turning off “Can ever affect navigation” but i just tried it and it didnt seem to revert it. It may have been a bug that they’ve already fixed. As long as that setting is off, and stays off, there shouldn’t be any lag.

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