[Animation] Walking With Dinosaurs - The Arena Spectacular

Hello everyone,

Artists in Motion had just recently finished this short animation as part of the recent revival of Global Creatures ‘Walking with Dinosaurs – The Arena Spectacular’.

Unreal Engine 4 was key in rapid prototyping look and feel, lighting and composition- thanks to the high quality modular assets available from Epic and the marketplace.

The 3 minutes long sequence that takes you across 6 different Cretaceous Era landscapes on a continuous camera move.
The vast open body of water was made possible thanks to Nvidia Waveworks.

Most of the work was done through the one master sequencer - controlling blueprint event handlers, post processing, lighting switches, level streaming, particle spawning, skeletal mesh animation, nvidia waveworks blueprint events, materials, etc.

Link to our Behance.

](Walking with Dinosaurs – animation sequence - YouTube)

Will post some behind the scenes screenshots and possibly a video as well as soon as we free up.

Feel free to leave a feedback or ask us anything about the project !


Woah! This looks great. I’d love to see a video or learn more about how you created the project.

Excellent work, congratulations.

Wow. Magnificent.

Love it…

Thanks for the kind words peeps ! We’ll be posting more process screenies / vid fairly soon :slight_smile: Stay tuned!

it looks really nice, very realistic. Nice work. You have also used different types of tools too like “Nvidia Waveworks”, which i have never heard of (i am new into unreal universe as you have guessed till now,hahah) !! cheers

We’ve uploaded a quick process clip here. Check it out !