animation walk problem

hi , i have the animation anim pro rifle from Mixamo and i need make the movement of the character that i use from of Mixamo also, but i have a problem, the movement of character it is in horizontal when i walk per some time after start the game. as reference i used this video: *OLD* UE4 Third Person Cover Shooter Tutorial - 1 Setting the Project Up *OLD* - YouTube

when i start is normal


when i move


and more some time moving in several directions


so i need help fast. Thanks

I would recommend you to take a look in your state-machine while you move around (e.g. 2nd monitor). Hit “play” in the anim-BP to start your game in editor and if your current anim-BP is not already choosen by default choose it manually in the debug filter (next to the play button). Probably one state is not taken for some reason, …

nothing yet, i look in the state machine but it is normal. I do not understand many about BP but i think that is not over there. If you have other solution reply, or if you need that i sending for you my project i make this, so i’m very happy for you replying.