Animation using parallel blend shape.

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The project I’m working on uses Cache files as way of animating an object.
The cache files were recorded on moving animations but now we need to make them local so that we can loop the cache files together with rigged bodies.
The way we’ve made them local includes an object skinned to a skeleton (which has the animation) and a copied instance of that object, which isn’t skinned, which has a cache file containing the specific movements of the object. We then combine the two via a parallel blend shape so that the skinned object includes the corrections of the cache file.

However we’ve not got it working with Unity so I was wondering if this has been tried before in the Unreal Engine…

If you have any feedback for using parallel blend shapes combined with Cache files in Unreal I’d definitely appreciate it.

Thanks in advance!

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Ps: To create and export the cache files we’ve used Maya.

My knowledge in UE4 might be too limited still, but is it even possible to import geoCaches into ue4?
And as far as blendShapes go, I guess ue4 only works as front of chain.
You could bake it as a corrective front of chain shape every nFrames and then export that as animated .fbx with skeleton animation and morph animation.

Take a look at Fabric Engine and its Alembic workflow, I think that you can straight import cache files into UE4 using its middleware without too many issues :wink:

Vertex animation is still on the Trello

So by the looks of it UE4 only supports per frame point to point animation and not point cache or progressive morphing.


You could set up the morphs as a per channel blend, animate it, and then export to Unreal 4.

As well

In 4.12 there is a new feature addition that can use a morph angle deformer but since I’ve yet to use I’m assuming that you use a control object and add a target to a fixed local rotation.

P.S. +1 for both progressive and point cache morphing. :wink: