animation two character in game?

I’ve Google it but it take me to re-target bone or animation… I want to animation two character at same time similar to Halo Reach assassin move and assassin creeds kill move on other character.

skip to 1:15… this what I am looking for

I know there are two animation sequence for two character, I’ve set it up. But footprint is wrong from where character stand, sole animation at different time.

I need to start again and do it in your/their way

It’s called A-B sync animations and assumes the same rigging is being used for all characters and uses root origin (or even root motion) to snap align matching characters (their origin) and scripted animations

A good example of this is the Matinee fight example

So games like Assassin’s Creed or Tomb Raider are heavily scripted where the player really only has control of where the players current origin is located in 3d space

Thank you! Now I am step closer.

Only one more. Switch off controlled and Rotate is my problem now. Need get it look at other character location and it will syncs perfect.

In character A blueprint,
How can I made character B animation start when collision?

Yay! Just got the collision working!

But this part “uses root origin (or even root motion) to snap align matching characters (their origin)”

That’s hard! Still don’t got it right so far… Bah