Animation tutorials or classes for a newbie

I have just started with UE4 and I’m taking a Udemy course which is very good. But I have not been able to find a good tutorial on animation.

I want the details - blending, targeting, etc.

Any resources?

I was a server-side programmer when I first used UE4, the animation was quite difficult for me, and I wandered a lot. Now I think the best way to learn animation in UE4 is to learn animation in blender or maya. When you get familiar with animations in those CCD tools, it will be easier to control animation in UE4 using blueprints or scripts.

I come from a Unity3d background so concepts and practicals (for Unity) I’m familiar with. Just not UE4. I’ve noticed that Unreal does a few things differently and has some additional features. Was hoping to get a little more in depth

If you know Unity, then maybe the best reference will be the ue4 doc and the content examples.
The official youtube channel also has some great tutorials about specific topics, such as retargeting, turning in place and so on.