Animation Tutorial?

Anyone know of any tutorials on how to create character animations within Unreal Engine? So, no importing of any kind from mayas and 3ds maxes ;p

why do you want to create them in UE4 instead of importing animations from another program?

I doubt if you will find many(if any) tutorials about creating character animations in UE4 because your supposed to make them in a 3d app, also it would be a lot harder and take a lot longer to do it in UE4.

Actually, it seems to be lot easier, but that may be just me not getting to tricky parts yet. But really, the reasons are:

1.I don’t know how to do it any other app; I’ve tried, and I managed 3ds Max, but I wouldn’t be able to use it because I only have access to the Student edition.
2.The character models I’m using can’t be imported is some of the other (free) animation apps.
3. Before you ask ;p I don’t know how to model a 3d character + add all the other stuff (textures, meshes, whatevers) and
4. I don’t have the time to learn and do all that (deadlines, not laziness).

My project is way too ambitious for me at the moment, but I’m still trying to get it done (first time 3d programming, so you can imagine I have to deal with a whole bunch of stuff, including animations).

This is why I’ve come to the conclusion that the best solution (for my situation) is to use UE, even though clearly it’s not advertising doing animation in it…

I don’t know, I figured the steps of doing an animation (without everything that’s coming after that to make it fluid in the game) in EU4 are pretty straightforward. It’s the after that I’m gonna have real problems with so if anyone knows of any tutorials, please share.


P.S. the whole rigging thing with EU+Maya is not working for me, as in it’s bugged. At this point I could try to solve that problem but then I have to deal with no.3 and no.4, because right now I have fully functional models which are sadly not moving much :wink:

  1. take a look at blender + some blender character tutorials
  2. it should be possible -> which format do you use?
    3/4. at some point you will have to learn it :wink:

The only way to create an animation in the ue4 is to open the skeletal mesh editor - on the top bar you can see a record button - click on it - move the parts that you want - save the animation -> but you wont get a good result :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks for the reply.

I tried blender, but it takes time to create characters, time I don’t have. I haven’t tried animations because I predict I can’t create all the chars I need and then animate them. I’m using autodesk character generator btw. It’s risky, and not supported by UE in some ways, but it’s by far the fastest/easiest way to get full 3d models for me right now.

I will hopefully learn it at some point. As I said, right now it’s all about time :frowning:

The UE4 skeletal editor is what I’m playing with, and I already found that same answer (actually, i think i made another thread about it), with the record animation option, just to increase the number of frames.
The whole animating the chars to be natural is difficult, and I don’t aim at getting it perfect for now, but why specifically did you say I wont get good results?

Also, I am considering giving Blender another shot. But, one of the things I’ve never touched yet is making textures for the models (cloths, skin, etc.). Is that “easily” doable in Blender?

Thanks again

Because in a 3d program you have more possibilities and featuers -> e.g as far as I know you cant cut your animations in the ue4 (just in montages)
It works the same as in any other 3d program -> this tutorial is a good start: :slight_smile:

Heh, it’s one of the things I knew I’m going to have to deal with eventually, but I focused on other things… UE4 BUT, blender/maya/max, photoshop. Great ;p

I think there is way to cut the animations in UE, but I can afford to improvise on that one if I’m wrong, for now.

Thank you for link!