Animation turns black when duplicating and retargeting

i have a custom character i retargeted the skeleton succerssfully but when try to duplicate and retarget the animations they turn black , and this is what happens when i double click on it


Is it playing in the editor? Usually when the thumbnail does that it’s because the file isn’t there. Does it allow you to reimport it?

not sure if i understood what you mean but this happened when i double clicked on one of those black animations , and not the editor

Yeah it looks like your animation files are missing. Like the files aren’t there anymore. What were the steps you took? Also do the bones play the animation without the mesh? In the left asset details panel see if it will let you change the retarget source or the preview pose. (Sorry I’m not in front of the editor at the moment but I’ve seen this happen several times)

i followed the usuall steps , retargeted the bone names saved the same pose as the manequin , and then i went to the animation and clicked on duplicate and retarget , and here i am …and not bones but the lines you see in the pic , and still waiting for a solution , sorry for bothering