Animation Transition Never Happens

I’m working on making the animation blueprint for one of the enemies in my game. I have all the logic for the animation states and transitions setup, but whenever the enemy goes into the attacking state, it NEVER leaves. I’ve tried many different ways of getting it to leave using the transition, including just setting the rule to true which means that it should always leave, but it doesn’t.

I know that it’s not leaving and then quickly coming back to the attacking state, because I have set the transition to call an Anim_Notify Event, but it never is. However, if I set the state itself to call the event, it will. So I know the event works, but the animation state never leaves attacking. I’m at a loss as to why. I’ve included some screenshots of the ABP. Any help would be appreciated.

This is the state machine that I’m currently using. Once it goes to “Attacking”, it will NEVER go back to “Idle”.


The “Random Sequence Player” node randomly chooses between 3 attacking animations. I thought that this may have been the issue, so I have tried it while it was just playing a single animation directly from an animation asset node and not the Sequence Player, but it had no effect.

I realize that the nodes aren’t plugged in here. That was an older attempt to trigger the transition. This is to show you that the transition will never be triggered, even with the most sure-fire way to do it (Which is to set the rule to true).

I’m still not sure why this wasn’t working properly, but I have a very suitable work around for my purposes. I have added Anim_Notifies on the attack animations themselves that trigger the event. It works perfectly.

This is the documentation that helped me:

I am going to be marking this as answered since I no longer need help.