Animation to play only on the legs

hi guys could anyone help. what im trying to do is have the bottom half of the character play a jump animation while the top half of the characters arms play a different animation. i know i have to use anim montage and then use the layerd blend per bone node but i cant get it to work correctly.

at the moment the arms move but the legs stay still which is opposite of what i am trying to do. ive tried changing the bone name to different names but none give me the result i need. its always the wrong way round . i thought the correct way would be to set the bone name to pelvis so this way it would only play anything from the pelvis down but this doesnt seem to work when i set it to pelvis it affects the whole body.

the closest i got was setting it to the thigh bone and this did almost achieve what i wanted and only the legs move but it looks really stupid.


What do you want to do exactly with the upper half ? In your anim graph call jump animation as if you would apply it on the whole body, then branch it to a ‘layered blend per bone’ and in the second input of the blend node you branch whatever you want it to play for the upper half, then click on the layered blend node, in layer setup, unroll everything, and in bone name put something like ‘Spine_01’ or whatever the name of your bone is, in blend depth put ‘1’, this should work.
And put a slot node just before the second layer of the blend node if you want to use anim montage.

The upper half of the body is in a rifle aim pose . Originally the jump animation the arms move but because it is a shooting game this looks silly because the gun Flaps around as it is attached to the players hand socket .

So the The project lead just wants it so that the top half of the body stays in the rifle aim pose . While the hips/lower half of the body plays the jump animation .

Now already in the project I have set up something similar because we have a reload animation that only makes the upper body move as the lower body plays the running animations . This is because we need to be able to reload while Moving this all works fine . To do this I made a slot called upper body . And used a layerd blend per node bone with the bone name spine _01 . This results in the upper body playing the reload animation while the legs are still animated with the run animations if we press the input keys

I have already done as you said but like I explained no matter which bone name I use on the layerd blend per bone node the animations always affect the top half of the body .

Our character model uses the ue4 standard skeleton setup .

Could you maybe post a screen shot of how to set it up so I can check what I’m doing wrong in mine .


Hope this help.
Also for the ‘reload’ slot dont pay attention to it because i’m not using it yet and i’m pretty sure it doesnt work properly the way it is positioned.

yeah this was already similar to how i had it set up. turns out all i had to do was switch the wires over from base pose and blend 0. now everything works . thanks