Animation System specialist (Blueprint and C++) required

[PAID] <Animation System Specialist>

Project Title: Squad

Description:Large scale multiplayer Military shooter (Game is released on steam with approx 170k units sold)

100 player servers (Currently capped at 72 player while in development)
Vehicle and emplaced weapons
Large scale multiplayer maps with a base of 4km x 4km

Team Name: Offworld Industries

Team Structure: 28 person team. All work is remote from your location. No relocation required.

Talent Required:
<C++ Programmer><Blueprint Scripting><Animation systems>

Full time or part time contract work
Bonus for project completion
Project expected to last approx 12-14 months

Looking for programmer and/or experienced animation system specialist to assist in accelerating the rebuild of our animation systems.

Primarily first person movement with limited vehicle interaction.

Candidate would be responsible for working with lead coders and Animators to integrate new animation features.


Contact: Chris Greig


Still taking applicants and interviews ongoing