Animation system for armored characters

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Thought it was time to post something that I made and that I’m satisfied with :slight_smile:

An animation system I created in UE4 for a client.
It uses Copy Bone and Bone Driven Control nodes to modify the behavior of the shoulder, elbow and knee plates, to be more realistic.
The goal was to be able to use retargeted animations on armored character rigs, where the shoulder, elbow and knee plates have their own bones.
This way we didn’t have to manually animate those bones for each animations (we have like 400).
I also made modifications for other bone positions and rotations to get a good pose.
Retargeting was done inside UE4 by me, as well as modeling, texturing and rigging.

The animatios here are from the Mobility 01 Pro Mocap Pack.
I made a system where the client can choose from a set of movements: Idle, Walk, Run, Crouch.
Then he can choose which direction to go and for how many seconds. It uses Root Motion.
The system was designed for individual camera shots, for background characters.

You can see the entire anim graph (big image, open in new tab):
The Locomotion contains a graph for animation transitions, nothing special.
It uses boolean values to check what to do at each point, the rest are just start and stop transitions.

Don’t mind the guy in the back copying the armored guy. He’s just a fan, who wants to fit it. :slight_smile:
This is a test map I made for some animation systems I designed for the client, that’s why you have that background stuff there.

Good Job :cool:

Hey! Thanks :slight_smile: