Animation Stutter in Third Person Blueprint Tutorial

I’m going through this tutorial right now to familiarize myself with how Unreal handles movement.

I’ve noticed that the animations I’ve downloaded seem to stutter, but only if they’re looping. As a programmer that knows nothing about animations, I’d guess it’s because the last keyframe is different from the first and there’s no blending between them, or that blend isn’t long enough. Here’s an example: (Skip to 9:47 as I can’t include time links in the built in player.)

I have Blender but no idea how to use it. I have UE 4. Nothing else that might be relevant as far as I know.

Unfortunately I dont have access to youtube where I am atm, but mostly the last keyframe has to be removed -> I think it should work when you just go into the animation and change the timeline (when it is now 30 frames long, change it to 29)