Animation Starter Pack to Third Person BP?

Hi, I’m making a project and am trying to use some of the animations from the starter pack with the default Third Person animations and I was seriously wondering if that was actually possible and if so, how to do it.

Hi aolson18,

Yes, it is set up for that. And it even comes with an Anim Blueprint setup.

  1. Add the Animation Starter Kit to your Third Person project.
  2. Open your Third Person Project and then open your Third Person character Blueprint.
  3. In the top left, in the components panel, select the “Mesh(inherited)” component. Then on the right of the editor in the Details panel, mouse down to the Animation section, make sure Animation Mode is set to “Use Anim Blueprint”, then open the drop down for the Anim Class below it.
  4. Select the "UE4ASP_HeroTPP_AnimBlueprint_C’.
  5. In the section below that in the details panel, “Mesh”, open the drop down for the skeletal mesh, Important: to make it work you need to change the skeletal mesh to the one from the AnimStarterPack, if you hover over them they display their filepath, select the appropriate one and save and compile your character blueprint. It should now have the default AnimStarterPack animations.

Let me know if this was helpful.

thank you for your help however that is not quite what I was asking. I know that you can change it so that the mannequin has the alternate animations instead but what i’m looking for is to be able to use the default animations with the alternate. so for example it uses the default walking animation but then when you push a certain button it runs through the animation of taking out the pistol and aims but then when you release said button you have switch back to the default walking.

Need help for same reason , up !

there are two methods i can think of to accomplish this. you can do a blend by bone and combine the running animation and the pistol animation, this could be set to use the run for the bottom half of the body and the pistol anim for the top half of the body. or if there is already a animation for running with a pistol you could just create a new state in the animation bp that uses that animation.

yes there is a way to do that what you gotta do is add anim starter pack to to your project and then delete the skeletal mesh in anim starter pack>UE4 mannequin>Mesh and replace reference in bottom left to SK_mannequin and then delete the skeleton doing the same and replacing reference and then delete physics asset. now you can use both animations on a single character…


Thank you, this should be the solution answer