Animation Starter Pack stuck on old version

ASP shows the mannequin in the marketplace, and it claims to be compatible up to 4.10, and lots of internet information is available claiming that–but when I try to add it to a project it only lets me add it to a 4.7 or lower. If I force it into a 4.10 project, it still has the old Hero skeleton from the old days.

So, I figured the old version I downloaded back around May’15 was stored somewhere, and it wasn’t updating–and there is no apparent way to update it anywhere. I tried to dig it up, and failed. It’s not in VaultCache! I deleted everything in there, anyways, but it wasn’t there.

As of now I discovered a workaround in simply switching to an alternate Epic Games account. For some reason–presumably, each account has its own vault?–this allowed me to download the ASP over again and add it to a project. I haven’t actually checked if it’s working, but it let me add it to a 4.10 without trouble so I’m guessing it did.

That said, I’m posting this still both as a bug report and because I’d like to know where those files are stored, so that I can trash them. Thank you!