Animation Starter Pack missing pistol fire and pistol sprint?

I’m building a third person shooter game and the free Animation Starter Pack provided by Epic is actually really great and fits my needs perfectly.

However I’m hitting a roadblock because it seems there is this pack is missing fire animation and sprint animation for pistol?

These animations exist for rifle as Fire_Rifle_Hip, Fire_Rifle_Ironsights, and Sprint_Fwd_Rifle. However no such animations exist for pistols.

Is this pack designed to be like this? I’m just a bit confused because there are animations for pistol like Equip_Pistol_Standing and Reload_Pistol, but there is no fire animation or sprint animation for pistol?

Firing animations are usually done with reactive animations instead of a premade effect.
That’s because otherwise the recoil is predictable and the player can quickly reset to be on target - assuming ofc an iron sight use setup.
if you are in 3rd person and fire form the hip I suppose it doesn’t matter.

For the sprint animation it kind of depends on if you want the pistol aimed or carried. Dpedning you can go 2 routes.

  1. simply montage slot it.
  2. modify the run animation to place the gun through out it.

Either way, as far as the packs go, they are pretty limited by design. They are aimed at making you purchase the other ones. And I for one do not find their quality to be great.