Animation starter pack inplementing other animations?

Hello all,

I have question regarding the starter animation pack. I have created a third person project from the templates, but these come with
the blue character guy running/jump. I was wondering if you wanted some other animations going on, how would you inplement these?
For eg. like holding a weapon or a different animation. How do you set these up? In the starter pack you example have a R_jog could
change this animation for the standard one in the thirdperson template? Thanks.

MetalGameStudios has great tutorials

Thanks for the link!!

MetalGameStudios has great tutorials[/QUOTE]

For a more advanced tutorial I would recommend you to take a look at this series: :slight_smile: -> there you learn nearly everything about character and anim bp’s

Sorry to dig this one up, but in what seems to be a similar topic, has anyone been able to setup a 2D blendspace with the animation starter pack weapon movement animations, and have it look ok? When I tried the forward left movement looks awful. Not sure if it was just how I did it, or its characteristic of the originally generated movement. The UT series movement seems to blend better since, although the characters legs appear a bit wide when they cross over, when blended it appears normal.

I have implemented an aim offset using Aim_Space_Hip animation offset. If there are some interested in, I could write a quick how-to.

Yes please.

Ok. When it’s done, I’ll post a link here.

Here it is