Animation Starter Pack IK handles not moving

The title says it all. After having all kinds of weird problems with AnimStarterPack (including, but not limited to AnimOffset hands moving at different speeds) I took a second look and saw that the IK handles of the skeleton were stuck in place.

I checked my own animations - the IK handles were behaving as expected, so I believe it might be an issue with AnimStarterPack alone.

The default Epic skeleton, unrelated to AnimStarterPack, looks even weirder. This is a clean new project, no changes to the skeletons and animations.

Hi Rhayader,

I have reported the first issue where Animation Starter Pack IK handles are not moving as JIRA [UE-22005].
The second part of this issue, where the IK handles have been rotated 90 degrees forward has already been reported as JIRA [UE-21242].

When one or both of these issues have been resolved, we will notify you with an update to this post. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

I needed the pack so I ended up fixing it.

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lion032 dude can’t express how thankful I am. Well done indeed.

** ** thanks for taking this into account.

Thank you very much! I am glade that the result came out as you wanted taking into account that I am a programmer and not an animator (took me about a week) :slight_smile:

Five years later…
Has there been an update to this? I’m using the ASP and ran into the same issue several times.