Animation Starter Pack - Existing Functions

Hi All

I am using the Anim Starter Pack and have found some functions, where I can not see where they are being called.


Can anyone point me to where they are, as it could solve another problem I have.


What are you asking? The ‘Jump’ event is referencing whatever key input is mapped to ‘Jump’. ‘Get Pawn Owner’ is checking to see ‘who’ is jumping. In other words ‘Jump’ will only fire for this character when the guy controlling this character hits the ‘Jump’ key. Not when someone else hits the same key on their keyboard. The function ‘Jump’ is a C++ thing built into the engine, you’d have to go into the code to find that.

Hi Kenny

They are Anim Notifies, but there is no notifications in the animations in the starter kit.

Which I found strange.

I wounder if it is just the 4.8 version?


Yeah but ‘Jump’ is a C++ thing that launches your character into the air. You have to set the key in your Project Settings otherwise your character will never jump. Then you establish animations etc. Same goes for moving. Your character will move regardless (I discovered this by accident, it was pretty funny sitting there for a week trying to figure out why my character was sliding around in the default pose), you have to set up all the other stuff. There are detailed step by step tutorials on how to do that on you tube.

Hi Kenny

But what about “Idle Start” and “Jog Start”.

Jump sorted with stock character.


I can not find the Anim Notifies for these, other than in event graph.


It’s a custom blueprint event!