Animation starter pack compatibility

I need the animation starter pack as part of a course assignment, but it states that it is only compatible for UE 4.4-4.11 - I was required to install UE 4.12.3 and now I am getting an error message stating that I don’t have a compatible engine. How can I download it with my UE 4.12 so that I may do my course assignments?

What you can do is download 4.11 and add the animation starter to that, open it up and migrate to your 4.12 project. Note: I tested this to make sure the animations still work but I did not do anything further. So you may experience some problems doing it this way.

Thanks! I’ll try this, but is there a way to be able to pick the 4.11 engine? Going back into the download/install - it is an automatic selection of the 4.12 engine, no other options pop up.

next to the engine number ie… 4.12.3 there is a down arrow. click that and the options will appear