Animation starter pack compatibility 4.9?

i’m just asking for the native compatibility, is there a wip for this?

It will be updated as soon as the compatibility got checked by epic games. :slight_smile:
Meanwhile just add the animation pack to a 4.8 project + after that just update the project -> now you can use it in 4.9

Or use migrate function, this way you can add it to an existing 4.9 project and don’t need to convert.

I had tried this way,but there still have some error.
for example,I can’t use this Animation starter pack on 4.9’s UE4_Mannequin_Skeleton,if i use the Animation Retargeting,then the whole body looks twisted.

try updating to 4.9.1 hotfix - there was a note about animations & hotfixes sometimes miraculously just fix things.

Oh good, I was wondering what was going on. Usually they have the pack compatible within a couple of days (it seems that way anyways, could just be I’m actually needing it this time compared to the other times haha).