Animation Starter Pack and Military Weapons Silver

Is there a tuto or documentation for how to integrate Animation Starter Pack and Military Weapons Silver (from the market place) together?

any help plz?

i don’t have the weapons pack so i can’t say anything about them. you could try watching the 3rd person video set from Epic

and have a look at this thread for adding weapons

to be honest i wouldn’t look to the content example on animation (1.10) as the aimoffset there uses 9 anims where the Animation Starter Pack has 1 anim for the offset so atm i’ve no idea how to put that together

Yes, we need a tutorial like for Mixamo.

Thnx and i hope that epic make some tuto for the new packs.

yeah hope they will make a tut soon… I bought the Military Weapons Silver pack but is not working out of the box… you have to export the weapons to blender and then rotate the weapons and import it back again :frowning: