Animation Sound Help

Hi everyone! Can you guys help me with something? I am in the middle of creating a game, and I currently need assistance on the sound of the attacks, like if the attack connects, then they make a sound, if it is blocked it makes a sound, and if it misses, well nothing. Understand? Could you point me to tutorials or send screenshots or a simple worded walkthrough to help me?

You can add events to animation on their timescale. So add those events there.
Then in player controller (or pawn) you check state of player, keep it in some variable (and reset every swing then set to proper value).
In animation you read that variable and decide what sound to play.
You can also use that variable in bloackboard and in animation blueprint to change animation state.

Everything is quite simple, problem is that you need to learn it all at once, ie. animation, ai, trees, sensing.

Could you further elaborate? I understand how to add the events, but what do you mean by check the state of the of the player?