Animation Snap back from Walk-> Idle

Hey Guys, So I recently started working with Animations for a over the shoulder TPS. Well all works well except for when the animation goes from Walk->Idle. My character kinda snaps to idle instead of a smooth transition. Is there something that I can try to fix it?

Heres a link of it and the second one is a different idle animation.

Im using the animations that came with the Pistol Starter - Mocap Pack from the marketplace

Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance everybody

I assume that you are using your movement speed to drive the animation. There are three options then.

  1. Make a state machine with transitions between standing still and moving. You can control the blend time then.
  2. Change the acceleration and breaking parameters in your movement component so that your character doesn’t instantly start/stop.
  3. If you use a blend space and use the movement speed to blend its states, then you should probably not use the movement speed as it is. Try creating an in-between variable, call it MovementSpeedSmoothed. Then use MovementSpeedSmoothed = FInterpTo(MovementSpeedSmoothed, MovementSpeed, 10.0f), where 10.0f can be replaced with a different value to control how fast your character reacts to speed changes.

Any of those three should remove the instant pop.