Animation Slots duplicating 4.9.2+

This issue has been happening since 4.9.2 for me. When I setup animation slots for my montages and anim graph everything is fine.

After working on the project and saving/compiling/re-opening a few times (Without making any changes to anything animation related) I keep getting duplicate slots showing up when I view the anim slot manager.

I have recreated fresh projects and it still happens. I’m not sure if it’s just a visual bug or if it’s actually messing up my slots because I don’t have complete animation blends setup.

Hi Pirate,

Thank you for the feedback. This issue has been reported as JIRA [UE-21647] and is currently being worked on for a later release of the Engine. When resolved, we will notify you with an update to this post.

Thanks again,


Is this still present in 4.10 ?
Just noticed the same problem in my project where I have each slot duplicated over 10 times. Not sure when did it started as I just noticed it.

This has not been reported fixed.

Having the same issue… hope this is resolved soon…

This JIRA [UE-21647] has been resolved for a future release of the engine.

Woohoo! This has actually been a major issue for me. Is it fair to assume 4.11 will have this fixed?

While the issue has been fixed, the fix has not been tested while integrated in the final build of the engine. Since we cannot guarantee at this point that the fix is compatible with the code in it’s entirety, I would not assume 4.11 will contain the fix. To tell if the fix is included with the official release, check out the corresponding official Release Notes at that time. If it is not listed, it is not included with that specific release.