Animation: Sink a destroyed destructible

after a Destructible is destroyed, I want its chuncks to disapper by moving into the ground.
I tried the following:

The variable “actor” refers to the destroyed destructible, the timeline sets the z-value in 10 seconds from 0 to -250.
The problem is, that the colision stays at its place, until the actor is destroyed. So if I try to walk where the chuncks disappeared in the ground a moment before (and are not yet destroyed at this time), I collide with the chunck collision component, where they landed before sinking down. These chuncks become visible there again and continue sinking down again from this location.

I tried this Blueprint using a normal cube and everthing worked how it should. Without “staying collision”.

I would be very happy if anyone could help to get it working, or, even better, to show me another better way to reach this sinking chuncks.

I’m quite new to the Unreal Engine, so, I would be happy for answers that I can understand :slight_smile:

This has been an issue for quite a while. Once a destructible breaks into chunks, it seems to be rather limited as to what you can do with them.

Does this really mean, there is no way?

You might be able to fake it by destroying the chunks immediately and spawning a chunk shaped mesh in it’s place, and then have that sink into the ground.

OK, that’s seems really inconvenient. And difficult: how should I get the exact shape and location of each chunk? Maybe I could do the complete destruction with many smaller meshes and control them like when it explodes. But this is also inconvenient.
The effect I want is a very normal effect to get rid of the chunks. I can’t understand why such possibilities doesen’t seem to exist.

I think improvements to destruction are coming soon.

One way to get the ‘sinking to disappear’ chucks is to switch them to No Collision after a time. They will sink fast unless you have your gravity turned down or a Physics Material with a lot of drag, but it does work.

This does remove the whole actor or DM though, so if you want to have a piece stay behind (say the base of the tree) you will need to model that as a separate Static Mesh on the actor that appears the moment the DM begins to fall (making it seamless will be tricky)