Animation Setup (Question from a newbie).

How do I set the character to continue walking forward without getting back to the starting point? This character will have no interaction nor inputs, will be in the background, walking in a straight line. Thank you in advance!
This is the video of how it is now: [video][/video]

EDIT: Sorry, my answer was posted in the worng thread.

Regarding your issue, do you have RootMotion enabled? It looks like your character is leaving its position during the animation and when the WalkAnim finished, it goes back to the location of the character.
You need animation that has been properly setup for using RootMotion and then you need to enable it in the Engine.

Have a look at this:

Hi Kontur, thanks for the answer!
You were right, I was not enabled RootMotion. Now I have enabled but still lack configuration that I do not know. Please, see how it is now:

This skeletal mesh was created in Fuse.Mixamo and I simply imported into UE4 and enabled the animation.

I am really far from being an expert in animation, but I think Mixamo animations cannot be used for Unreal Root Motion out of the box. As far as I’m aware, even if you download an ‘InPlace’ verison of the animation form Mixamo, the root bone will be at the hip of the character and not at 0,0,0, as Unreal would expect. You could try fixing this in a 3D package (3ds Max, Maya, whatever) by adjusting the skeleton in a way that the root is at the correct position.

Have a look at this thread, maybe you find some useful info:

I followed the post you suggested and managed to make the root go to the 0.0.0 point, but the character keeps walking without moving forward. Still waiting for some suggestion, I think it has to do with AnimBlueprint …

I follow this tut:
Thanks for the answer Kontur!

Can you post a screenshot of your AnimGraph?

More configs here:


You do not seem to have root motion properly enabled, as i can see your character leaving its place in the preview animation. Did you enable root motion on the animation asset istelf?

Hi Kontur, i enabled root motion now. In “standard_walk” animation sequence she walks without leaving the place, but in the AnimBlueprint she walks leaving the place:

Well, I’m sorry, but this is where my knowlede ends then in terms of animation :frowning:

I have no idea what the problem might be, let’s hope that someone more experienced in animation can help you out!