Animation setup principles for turn-in-place animation (in 3D app) ?

I’ve been watching UE4 Animation Techniques series and while animBP / blueprints part is covered in details, the way animation was set up / done in Maya was not covered (just rather briefly mentioned).

Can someone please explain how animation was set up for turn-in-place in Maya and what Jay meant by “back out rotation in Maya” ?

30:58 timestamp

I use Akeytsu for animations, but I am sure principle is the same. Just wondering whether root bone was rotated 360 degrees, where character was looking down X axis in the middle of the animation and what was done to “backout rotation” afterward.


For any motion.
you set the root bone to move how you need, at the time-frame you need. In this case, you turn it left or right by 90° or 180° over however many frames seem appropriate (usually small amounts).

After that you create the motion, making sure your feet don’t slide and such.

After that, you take the value of the rotation of the root Z axis and you pack it in a custom curve.
you then remove the root bone rotation so you have the animation playing without the turning.

Export that, and set it up for use.

This is exactly the same for walking/running/jumping. Particularly in instances where the motion isn’t supposed to be linear.

[USER=“3140864”]MostHost LA[/USER] Thanks, that’s exactly what I was wondering about (animating with root bone as usual, then overriding root bone to make it shuffle in place, then export)