animation : rigging needed or upload?

So can i animate an character, but do i really need to make the skeleton mesh? or can i import an already made up skeleton for this asset?

When you want to create animations, you will also have to create a rigg, because otherwise you cant animate it. :slight_smile:
But you can retarget skeletal meshes in the ue4 -> Animation Retargeting (Different Skeletons) | Unreal Engine Documentation

Since when is ACG free? You are restricted to only low poly models without facial morphs or bones. Also there are less customisation options. If you want any of this stuff it costs 5 cloud credits per character. A year’s subscription gives you 100. Unless something changed.

Huh? I paid them for a year… :confused:

Edit: Actually I think the reason you have so many credits is because you must have other product subscriptions
I wish I didn’t need to pay it, I pretty much only needed it for a project because it supports bones…

Also my credits aren’t really enough for that project so I have to share assets. :confused: