animation retargetting scaling problem

Hi all!

Moderate n00b here.

here is the deal.

I have been scavenging the web for a while now but haven’t found anything useful yet. Maybe I just don’t use the right keywords.

I am trying to put a mixamo character head onto a skyrim character’s body.

It’s simple really. With the “nif tools” I can just import the .nifs from skyrim and import the fbx from mixamo.

Now it gets fun.

Because i have two different skeletons, i just delete the bones I don’t need. Then I use the “select and link” tool in 3ds max to connect the spine to the neck bone. (that works no problem)

So now I have a skeleton with a skyrim body and mixamo head!

No problem importing this into unreal.

But now when i try to retarget the mannequin animations to my character, the head NEVER scales! EVER

does anyone knows what i’m doing wrong?

here is a picture of what i mean by “does not scale”

Thank you for your help. It is greatly appreciated.

OK I’m assuming that in 3ds Max you are scaling up the head to match the body?

If so the scaling tool “only” scales in relative world space and not in local space. When you scale using the tool you should notice at the bottom as you scale up the transform will increase or decrease from 100 and will hold that scale for you as long as it’s in 3ds Max. When you export to Unreal 4, and more than a few other applications, this value is no longer held and is reset back to 100.

To bake the change under Utilities select and preform an Reset XForm and that will set your relative world scale to local and the transform read out should say 100.

OH MY GOODNESS!!! Thank you SO VERY MUCH! Please ask someone to give you a cookie for me. That totally worked! again THANK YOU!