Animation retargetting between shooter game and first person template


I am using UE 4.15 and trying to retarget 1st person animations from shooter game to the 1st person template however I have not been successful in getting the retargeting to work correctly.

  1. Migrated the 1st person mesh and skeleton from the 1st person template (SK_Mannequin_Arms) to the shooter game.
  2. Setup the humanoid rig for both (the shooter game 1st person skeleton already comes with humanoid rig setup and bone mapping). SK_Mannequin_Arms has the default epic skeleton bone mapping.
  3. Modified the SK_Mannequin_Arms skeleton (1st person template) to have “Skeleton” for animation retargeting options for all bones except the following which are setup as “animation”; (Root, Pelvis, ik_foot_root (including left and right), ik_hand_root (hand_gun, left and right). The shooter game template by default has “animation” for retargeting options.
  4. Retargeted the “FPP_LauncherAIM” animation. The result looks like below; I tried retargeting with the “animation starter pack” skeleton as well, you can see the spine bones are twisted in the attached images;

Wondering if anyone has retargeted the shooter game animations successfully?

Any update on this? Would like to get this working

This seem to happend because the Shooter Game skeleton is built a little different from the normal mannequin one. The first one has 2 spine bones while the mannequin one has 3. To fix this go to the retarget manager for the Shooter Game skeleton and set “spine_03” to “b_spine1”.

I also have the guy in a T-pose to match my retarget skeleton, though it should still work with a A-pose.
Seems to look fine to my eyes atleast.

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