Animation retargeting

I posted a question about this before but I didn’t get much response. I’m not trying to spam you guys but I’ve been working this problem for a couple days and it’s driving me nuts.

I tried importing an .fbx from blender the other day to use as a character. The skeletal mesh imported into UE4 just fine, but once I retargeted animation for it, it basically messed up my character. I didn’t actually make that blender file, so I decided I would make a very simple model and import it into UE4 to see if I could get it to work properly.

Please see the pictures. The first one is my character before retargeting animation from the third person animation blueprint. The second one is what happens afterward. If you can’t see my character, it’s because it becomes a tiny dot after I retarget the animation.

I would really appreciate some help with this. I’m sure someone knows what’s going on and I bet it’s a simple fix. I’m just out of ideas on this one. I went through the documentation on the animation retargeting workflow and I was able to do it fine with the content from the mixamo pack.

Thanks in advance.