Animation Retargeting

Hey there! I am struggling with the retargeting system as my source skeleton only has 3 fingers while my target has 5. I need 2 of my target’s fingers to follow 1 of my source skeleton’s finger. I can’t seem to get anywhere with google. I keep coming up with the retarget manager but I can not figure out how to assign multiple joints of my target to the same one on my source. Does anyone know what I am missing?

Here is my process so far:

I open up my source skeleton (which is not the mannequin) and activate my retarget manager. This skeleton has already been retargeted to the Humanoid rig (here you can see it does not have a ring or pinky finger Screenshot - 98d5e167e9779b38239047c55d279a51 - Gyazo) I then go to my target skeleton and select humanoid but I cannot assign my target’s ring and pinky finger to the middle finger.

I am not sure what I am missing and I can’t seem to find documentation to fix this particular problem. All I can find is how to retarget when the source and target are the same or when the source has more than the target. Not when the target has more than the source and you need many joints of the target to listen to one joint on the source.

Thank you for reading.

I am not sure I understand you exactly, but you may try to create your own rig instead of the default Humanoid rig.

I can do it: Rig any character with epic skeleton by Vinstriano | Fiverr

I have the same problem. I bought a archery animation pack and the IKs for the hands and bow are setup wrong. I could easily fix this in unreal using the re-targeting manger if i could use one source bone on two target bones.