Animation retargeting woes

I’m consistently experiencing problems when I try to make UE4 retargeting system work.


Original animation:


Retargeted results:


Reference pose:


Manequin reference pose:


I’d like to know how the heck something like that even happens in the first place and how do I fix this.
I do suspect that rotated bone handles in the reference pose might have something to do with the problem, but even in this case I’m not entirely sure how to deal with this.

Also, if anyone has working workflow for retargeting large number of animations across different characters, I’m all ears.

I had the same problem and had just the bone placement

Would you care to elaborate?

I am in the same case if you look at my post make human neutronux bring great help

Hmm. Sorry it doesn’t completely apply in this case. Thanks for replying, though.