Animation Retargeting System - biped or CAT into UE4

Hello everyone,

I did this tutorial for those who would like to learn a little bit more about retargeting biped or CAT animations. This is a basic one, I will make a deeper explanation one during the week.
There is also the HeroTPP model rigged in CAT bones using epic default skeleton structure (it is not perfect rigged, but serves well the animation retarget purpose), check the link below.

-3ds Max 2013 or above


-Sample template (download the files here: )

-Transfering animations from Biped to CAT
-Export/Import mesh + skeleton + animations
-Create Rig/Retarget Manager
-Transfer Retarget Animation into Epic Skeleton

(sorry my bad english)

Ask if you got any doubt. Comment if you have suggestions.

great tutorial)


Thanks alot for the video.

I’m a long time max user and I prefer using CAT for animating and even 3ds for skinning compared to maya.
I read else where that unreal is giving people errors when importing CAT rigs.

You obviously don’t see any major problems do you?
I would like to use CAT for two characters i’m creating but i dont wan’t to rig/skin/animate and realize CAT doesn’t work in unreal 4?!?!?

Thanks again.

You can quickly check if there any error, by rigging and skining a simple model and create a single basic animation and then export. This only take a few minutes to test.
A couple of months ago I made a quick test, and the only problem I found was the orientation of the character after the export, but that was my fault (I used max 2014).