Animation Retargeting Rotation Problem

I have retargeted my own custom mesh to the basic default third person animations in UE4 but I getting a problem with the resulting animations. The animations appear to be rotated at 90 degrees as shown here:

I can counteract this problem by enabling root motion for the animation which turns the character the right way up but the animation still doesn’t work properly. The animation seems to gently float from side to side and isn’t working correctly.

I think it has something to do with the root bone when retargeting. I have succesfully retargeted the same character and animations in another 4.12 project using the exact same method and it doesn’t have this problem. Below I will show a comparison between the unsuccessful retargeting and the successful one:

In the first picture I have rotated the animation 90 degrees so its the right way up to show the problem. You can see that the root bone has been changed and sticks way out in front of the character for some reason. As I said earlier, I have used the same process for retargeting both examples in the pictures shown so I am really confused why the first one has changed the root bone so drastically. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

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I think I have resolved the issue myself if anyone has this problem in the future. To get around this problem I went into the Third Person Character skeleton and cleared the root bone in the retarget manager window and saved the pose. Retargeting the animations then worked correctly. It seems that it was trying to use the pelvis bone of my custom character as the root bone because my custom character does not have a root bone.

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Thank you, you had saved me from extensively wasting my time!

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This was helpful. I had to clear the root bone of my target skeleton, even though she was constructed with a root bone, because my source animation’s skeleton didn’t have a root bone.