Animation retargeting messes up skelton / mesh into a blob

Hi All,

I have a mesh and a custom skeleton that looks like;


I have retargeted the bones ready to associate an existing animation to, but when ever I apply an animation this is the outcome;


The pose is in the same shape as the original animations, the structure is already very similar, slightly different naming convention but structurally the same, the only thing I can think of that may cause it a problem is that when I imported the mesh / skeleton is that I untick ‘Convert scene’(as the original was built with a different coordinates system) and untick the ‘Convert scene unit’ in the import options for the FBX file.

Any help is much appreciated,



Looks like some scaling issue to me. I would recommend to scale everything to fit the right size and apply scale and rotation for everything (meshes, armature) afterwards (everything should get scale 1.0) in your 3D app before you import it into UE4.