Animation retargeting messes up proportions

Heya all!

I am attempting to get into the animation workflow in UE4 and have run into a bit of a snag. I am trying to retarget the animations from the Animation Starter Pack onto my fantasy-dwarf proportioned homemade character, but the retargeted animations seem to be stretching the skeleton in my character. I realise that animation retargeting isn’t going to be perfect, but this seems like I am either doing something wrong or something is broken. What was short stubby dwarf legs are inches longer, and his feet go through the floor. It also seems like the actual positions of the bones themselves have been altered slightly - shoulders and legs further apart, that kind of thing. The problem isn’t massive, but it is definitely there - enough so that I’d like to try out options to fix it. I’d expected the retargeted animations to conform to my skeleton, not the other way around. Can anyone come up with any tips or advice that might help me out here?

I seem to have found the answer myself. It’s all explained here:

Welp, that’ll teach me to search properly next time. :stuck_out_tongue: