Animation Retargeting like Unity3d to reusing Animation Assets at runtime?

Hi, I have severial similair skeleton assets with highly matched nodes hierarchies, and they will perform almost identical animations during runtime. According to UE Documens, there’s no way to share same animation assets between those skeletons in RUNTIME, which can be easily achived in Unity3d though Animation Retargting. In UE4, animation sequences need to be copied for retargeting, so only editor woking can be simplified.
So is there any hack or someone know how to do Unity3d manner animation retargeting in UE so I can skip creating animation assets copies?

Not sure what you mean. Retargeting in unreal is a few clicks. No hacks necessary.

i’v just edited topic. unreal retargeting is simple, but it does not support sharing same animation assets RUNTIME after retargeting, you always need to copy animation clips for retargeting between different skeletons, which is not so good as Unity does.

You can share animations between different skeletal meshes (with different proportions and extra bones) without copying them (and making a rig) if the skeletal meshes use the same skeleton asset. This will let you reuse them at runtime.
Animation Retargeting | Unreal Engine Documentation
Using Retargeted Animations | Unreal Engine Documentation (under “Retargeting Using the Same Skeleton”)
Skeleton Assets | Unreal Engine Documentation

Though, from what little I’ve seen on Unity’s humanoid system, it’s not 1:1 (no muscle controls).

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thanks. say SM1 is a BIG man of 4m height, and SM2 is a NORMAL man of 2m height, and we cann’t simply scale SM2 to SM2 by 2.0. Is there any way to use a single skeleton asset to them?

Yes, as long as you follow the rules for sharing skeleton assets (bone hierarchy and names are the same up to what is being shared). Proportions can be different, too (e.g. one can have short stubby arms and another can have long ones).

As with all retargeting, you still have to worry about making them look good afterward; ex. if an animation is interacting with the environment, you will need to use an animation blueprint to make sure both characters do it correctly (like using IK).

thanks, i’ll give a try. :slight_smile:

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