Animation Retargeting (Different Skeletons) for 4.8.3 ver. help!?

as the title says, i have a character that is a custom made one and it needs setup as a main character that’s playable. and i have 2 files rigged and non-rigged i really need like over skype help and/or a video step by step with 4.8 to help me! please because this is what happens when i do it ! i still need help

It is not an automatic process. If you are using a different skeleton than Epic’s default skeleton, you will need to assign the bones one by one following the instructions here:

An easier approach might be to export Epic’s skeleton from the game, import it into your 3D graphics program, then skin your model and paint skin weights to that rig.

im not the one who rigged my model oringaly either i am new to this and confussed and that link is for 4.5 release i am using 4.8 there different


It works my friend. I checked over my lunch break. Just take your time and read the tutorials and watch Youtube lessons. I recommend Tesla Dev videos and all others.


Did you get the re-targeting working?