Animation Retargeting Crash Video

See video bellow for repo.

Video Link

For some reason animations just won’t retarget. This is using 4.5 stable version. Any advice or tests I could run?

Hi ,

Please and attach crash log and dump file for your project after this crash occurs. You can read about where to find that information here:


[link text][1]

Attached. Hope it can help.

Hi .Dooley,

Are you following tutorial located here:

…particularly part about “Retargeting a Base Pose?” It is difficult to tell because there is a skeleton in your video called “Archangel_Tpose” that you are apparently retargeting to. However video never shows character in a T-pose like in tutorial. This would need to be achieved before assigning an animation bound to T-pose to character you are retargeting to T-Pose.

If I’m misunderstanding what’s going on in video, please provide a description. You can also provide files themselves and we will see if we can get them to work. Otherwise, it may simply be a bug that needs to be addressed in a future build in which case I will submit an official bug report.


Thanks for supplying your assets. I was able to recreate your issue and have generated a bug report [UE-4827]. As far as resolving this in short term, I noticed your skeletons’ hierarchies are significantly different. Would it be possible to bind mesh from the “T-pose” skeletal mesh to the "ArchangelSkel"mesh’s skeleton in 3D program it was created in?

Well it is. It’s a different rig with fewer bones in it. idea was to transfer animations we have on high bone count mesh to low bone count mesh.

As it stands we are remaking animation we where just hoping that this would have saved us significant time in that process.

Sorry for additional work this is causing you. What you were trying to accomplish should be possible and is being addressed in aforementioned bug report. If fixed in a future build, a notification will be posted on this thread.

As a side note, could you remove rig and mesh from comment just so it’s not publicly available for download.

attached rig and mesh has been removed. Also, this bug has been fixed and should be working in 4.6 preview available in approximately 2 weeks. I was able to confirm fix works with rig you sent. Thank you for your input and I hope you’ll be able to use this feature to your advantage in near future.

Fantastic. Looking forward to it.