Animation Retargeting cause mesh to morph/shrink

Hi, I got the default character from the animation starter pack, and I decided to make a new mesh with it, that only shows the character’s hands for an FPS game. The first step was to export to fbx file, then I opened it with 3ds max 2016, I clicked on the mesh, and removed the body. I didn’t change or remove anything related to bones. Then I exported it as FBX and imported it in UE4. I right clicked on an animation, clicked Duplicate and retarget, but when I open the new animation the mesh is morphed. Here’s a picture:

As a mesh it shows just fine, but using an animation breaks it.
I found a way to fix it, but that makes my object to shrink.
I clicked Show Advanced Options (In the animation tab)
I right clicked in the root, and selected Set Recursively Translation Retargeting Skeleton.
Any better solution to make the hands work properly?