Animation Retargeting breaks looping animations.

Hey guys, I really like the new animation retargeting feature but I have found a problem with it.

When I retarget an animation that is looped, the newly created animation does not loop properly. You can recreate this issue by retargeting an animation from the Animation Starter Pack to the 3rd Person Template skeleton.

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I know this is kind alike the “is your computer plugged in question” but does the re-targeted animation have the looping option checked?

Haha :slight_smile: the problem is not that it doesn’t loop, I should have clarified that, sorry. The problem is that it twitches. It has a little hick-up in the animation after retargeting.

I have exactly the same problem. If a looped animation is retargeted to a different skeleton, the new animation misses the last 1or 2 frames, causing a “frame skip” effect when playing it. Right-clicking the animation in Persona and clicking “Add looping interpolation” does not fix the problem, only attenuates it a little.

For now, the workaround that works for me is to export the original animation as fbx, load it in another software, repeat the last frame two more times (add the last frame twice), export it and reimport in UE4 (using the same original skeleton). Then I use this “extended” animation for retargeting and it works fine. But it would be nice if this export/expand/import cycle wasn’t necessary.

Apart from this, the new retargeting tool for different skeletons is a really, really great feature, that I’ve been waiting for a long time.

I’m having the same issue now in the full 4.5.0 release with a twitch / jerk appearing at the ends of duplicated/retargeted animations. Hope this can be resolved in the coming weeks!

I’m almost having this problem :<

Experimenting more this week, this proves to be a problem even when the ‘target’ skeleton is generated from the HeroTPP / Mannequin rig files provided by epic.

Not a word on whether this much-touted feature is effectively broken? As Rick62 pointed out, “Add looping interpolation” is not a viable fix.

I’m also having this problem as of the 4.6 Preview :frowning:

Hi ,

I was able to reproduce this issue and have submitted a bug report [UE-5747]. When this issue is addressed in a future build an update will be added to this post. Until then you can resolve your issue by following the steps described above by Rick62.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Awesome, thank you!

This is fixed in the latest and will go out with 4.6.1. (hot fix) Thanks for the report.


This isn’t just a problem with retargetting. All animations since like 4.3 have imported with a missing frame at the end.

You’re right, it’s not simply a problem with retargeting, it’s an issue that effects all looping animations. The bug was just detected with this post and has been fixed.