Animation retarget - twist bone offset

I’ve been using Unreal to retarget animations between Humanoid characters for a few months now without issues, but I can’t explain what’s going wrong with this latest character. The twist joint for the left arm has a large offset applied when retargeting anims from the UE4 Mannequin character.

It looks like something I’ve set up incorrectly in the Retarget Manager or perhaps the hierarchy but I can’t see what the problem is. I built the skeleton myself, I based it’s structure and hierarchy on the Mannequin.

It’s possible to force this problem to occur elsewhere by deliberately using the same bone multiple times in the Retarget Manager but that is not what’s happening here. I’ve gone through the mapping with a fine tooth comb and I’ve redone it several times, by hand as well as by using the Auto Mapper.

Can anyone offer any advice? Has anyone seen this problem before? Thanks in advance.

Hello TazLemon! Had this bug too. Just set retargiting option of bugged bones from animation to skeleton, this should work, anyway, worked for me.


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To show the animation and skeleton selection tab, you need to open skeleton editor → skeletal tree → Options->Show Retargeting Options, I sped several minutes to find it out.

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